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i'm sara, a 27-year-old television, video game, nail polish, and yarn enthusiast.  i've had a nails & knits tumblr for a little while, but i find that i really want to talk a bit more about nail polish than is practical within the structure of tumblr – in my opinion, it's more of an environment for short bursts of text and for sharing quick feelings and images, rather than a place where you can go on long-winded diatribes about the thousands of reasons you love a specific nail polish brand or color, or one indie fiber dyer over another.

with that in mind, i'll be posting some of my nails & knits over here as well, with a little more commentary.  it'll probably take me a while to get things the way i want them, so my apologies if anybody stumbles upon this half-finished mess in the meantime!  (i feel like i should also mention that i've only recently started taking photos of my nails with a real camera instead of my cellphone, so i'll be trying to get my photography skills up to speed as well.  and as of right now, all the images are 500px because that's the tumblr standard!)

to start things off, here's two coats of la couleur couture 1979 topped with one coat of nail pattern boldness boop-oop-a-dupe.

i actually bought boop-oop-a-dupe because it's said to be as close as you can come to the mythical clarins 230 -- and i'd say it does a pretty awesome job.  the effect definitely would have been amped up considerably if i'd bothered to put a second coat over my lacc base, but it was incredible either way.  you can see that the color shifts from red to amber to green, just like in the clarins original.

another thing you can probably see from these photos is that they were taken in my car!  (don't worry, i was parked in my driveway at the time.)  the color shift was most apparent outdoors, and i had some errands to run but wanted to snap some pictures before i left for that, so it was a ~photoshoot of convenience.

as for application, i found the lacc polish to be a bit gloopy (nothing some thinner couldn't fix).  it has a wide brush, which is perfect for me as i have pretty big hands/nails even when they're short, so there's a lot of real estate to cover!  i had a little issue with the shape of the brush because it's a bit blunt, but i was able to simply clean up the messiness with a flat brush after i was done painting, so not a big deal.

boop-oop-a-dupe is quite sheer and thin, and application was easy!  teeny-tiny brush, iirc, but it was easy to spread over the nail.

  • lacc – mei mei's signatures. i was buying cirque fleur est belle, a mei mei's exclusive, so i grabbed it since i was already going to have to pay for the shipping anyway.  if you live in the states (or probably anywhere but singapore), there are certainly more convenient places from which to buy lacc polishes.
  • nail pattern boldness – llarowe.

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