blue + glitter

i recently went through a glitter phase, and my nails were pretty shredded from the repeated glitter-removal process.  i was trying to stave off the desire to slather my nails in glitter, but then i got a little sample pack of upcoming polishes in a rainbow honey grab bag!  i got minis of metalmark and midnight fountain and couldn't resist wearing the latter on at least my ring finger & thumb – 

this is two coats of contrary polish santorini on pointer, middle, and pinky fingers, & one coat of santorini topped with a coat of rainbow honey midnight fountain on my ring finger.

santorini is gorgeous and was easy to apply – and there's something i really love about the stout, rounded contrary polish bottles.  midnight fountain went with it perfectly; it's clearly a match made in nail polish heaven.  my favorite thing about rainbow honey is that they often contain square glitters, which are my absolute FAVORITE.  i don't know why i like squares so much better than hexes.

and here's an indoor shot of the same nails from a few days later!  the shimmer.  gotta love the teal flashes of that square glitter. ♥

  • contrary polish from llarowe.
  • rainbow honey from rainbow honey, but i believe this polish won't be officially released until the spring collection.

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