december nails

i apparently only painted my nails three times in december – i like two of these, but the third is pretty mehhhhhhh.

this is two coats of zoya dove sponged with rainbow honey diamond weapon and cirque chainmail.  (aaand you can see a little bit of topcoat that i got on the underside of my ring finger, whoops!)

i like this first one, and i wore it for a while with no chips at all.  the colors aren't quite perfect – dove and chainmail go pretty well together, but i think diamond weapon has a bit of a taupe-y, bronze-y undertone that doesn't quite mesh with the cooler, more silvery tones.  however, i think that issue is a lot more apparent in close-up photos than it was in real life.

these are actually the same nails from my first entry!  two coats of lacc 1979 + one coat of nail pattern boldness boop-oop-a-dupe.

honestly, boop-oop-a-dupe is on my all-time favorites list.  next time i use it i'll definitely put two coats on to pump up the effect.

this is two coats of zoya stacy + one coat of rainbow honey linger + two coats of lvx luxe on my accent nail.

there are a few reasons this look didn't really work for me – while linger is lovely and matches stacy really well (and look at how dense the glitter is with only one coat!), it did NOT match luxe at all.  there are some shimmers in linger that looked silver to me in the bottle, but actually translate more peachy when on the nail, so a bronze or gold foil would have married better with it.

i also decided it was a really good idea to wash my hair immediately after painting my nails, which is why there's pretty evident tipwear on the glittery nails...not to mention the fact that i should have thought to buff my accent nail/and or use a ridge-filling basecoat on it since i was going to wear a foil.  you can see the brushstrokes and every single minuscule imperfection, and it drove me crazy.

i should mention that i took this photo indoors, at night, when three of my four light bulbs were burned out.  the red nails actually were much prettier irl, i swear!


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