elsa nails! *:・゚✧

i've had it in my head to do a gradient with rainbow honey celestia, heisenberg, and your hand in mine ever since i got YHIM.  the polishes just wound up sitting next to each other on my shelf, and i'd think "next manicure!" every time i walked by them... but i kept wanting to try out new tricks instead (tape gradient, watercolor mani, and so on).

i also watched disney's frozen recently, and i kiiiind of feel like elsa would totally magic her nails to look like this – they're super sparkly and super icy, and if i had the vocal cords of idina menzel i'd totally be belting out "let it go" right about now.

(please forgive the glitter that is all over my hands in these photos.  it's gonna take a few hand-washings to get rid of it!)  celestia/heisenberg/your hand in mine have been sitting around in my untrieds since i got them, so i really had no idea how they'd apply.  this is one coat of celestia over the whole nail, one coat of heisenberg over 2/3 of the nail, and one coat of YHIM over the final 1/3 of the nail + some sponged touch-ups.

i had toyed with the idea of using a light blue base like cult nails princess as a base color, but i thought celestia would be more opaque than it is, so i didn't bother.  i just applied it over my base coats of duri rejuvacote & normal opi base coat, and thankfully they're both tinted pink, which masked how stained my nails are.

when i saw how sheer celestia was, i almost removed it to start over with a blue base, but i'm fighting a migraine today so i wanted to limit my exposure to nail polish remover, and i just figured "screw it" and kept on – and i'm glad i did!  it honestly kind of looks like my nails just shift from natural to icy, glittery blue.  I AM ELSA.

you can kind of see how multicolored the shimmer is here (check out those gold/orange/green sparkles on my thumb)!  rainbow honey definitely knows how to do glitter.  celestia has got some flakies in it or something that made application a little weird sometimes – i had to be careful to wipe off the brush properly when painting my pinky nails, because the polish sticks to the flakies and can cause you to get huge chunks of polish on the brush.

i didn't notice that issue with heisenberg, and YHIM is a dream.  it's very thin and easy to apply, which means it's great for sponging!  it's easy to get a good amount out of the bottle to sponge into, and it doesn't get sticky on the nail as quickly as thicker polishes do.

the polish was still a little sheer at the tips, so i just kept sponging on small amounts of YHIM and letting it dry until i was satisfied with the opacity.  after that, i just topcoated to even it all out!  (i used rainbow honey the bubbly, which smells kind of like...fresca...?  aaand now i'm thirsty.)




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