galentine's nails!

for some reason, my camera is having a hissy fit tonight and it refuses to focus, so these photos are a bit garbage – probably a combination of it being indoors, it being nighttime, and me having had two cups of coffee today and not much in the way of food (i'm still a little jittery).

but.  galentine's nails!  oh, man!  i picked up rainbow honey cutie pie and it is aptly named.  i was going to wear it over a gradient and then i saw +Melissa Dexter's review of papillon — hi!  (✪◡✪) you're so nice and i've been blogstalking you for a while!) — and decided to wear it over black instead.  i went with rainbow honey nyx and topped it off with cult nails wax that, but it honestly looked pretty good shiny, too.

i'm not super crazy about circle glitters, but this isn't filled with them and they're not sticking up off the nail at all, so i'm cool with it.  the hearts were hard to fish out (and you can tell that i did not try at all in terms of glitter placement – wherever they ended up on my nail, i was like, "fine, cool, you stay there and enjoy your new home") but not impossible.  i just left the bottle upside-down overnight and then fished around a little bit for them; i wasn't super worried about getting hearts on every nail, obviously!  and the hearts lay super flat on my nails as well, which is nice and, frankly, unexpected!

nyx is amazing and definitely my new go-to black.  the website blurb describes it as a one-coater claims it's "the last black you'll ever need," and i was skeptical (the only other black polish i've used is butter london union jack black, which is decidedly NOT a one-coater).  but MAN.  nyx is absolutely a one-coater.  (i apologize for throwing out more than one exclamatory 'man' in this post.)  i used two coats on my thumbs just because i'm bad at getting one coat of polish to the edges of my thumbnails, but everything else was straight up one coat, and nyx dries to a really beautiful satiny finish.  it'd be great on its own, and i kind of want to compare it to cult nails fetish just to see how different the finish/coverage is.  (i have fetish, but it's sitting in my massive pile of untrieds.)

cutie pie looks mostly pink in the bottle, with white heart glitters and circle glitters in various shades of pink.  on the nail the flashes of blue are much more apparent, and the shimmer/flaky bits have a kind of duochrome pink to golden green effect.  it's really lovely and i swear these blurry photos don't do it justice.


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