ombre triangles ♥

ombre triangles with two coats of zoya taylor + triangles in the base color, ncla bel air trophy wife, & rainbow honey oni.

this is one of my favorite manicures.  it's got a lot to do with how rare it is for me to look down and see nails that match my skin – it's much more likely that i look down and see bright blue or purple or green!  i think zoya chantal would match my skintone a bit more than taylor, so i think i might have to pick it up next time i'm in ulta or shopping zoya's site.  taylor is noticeably darker than my skin in real life, although it's not as obvious in photos.

i think this look is pretty intuitive, but i'll talk about how i did these under the cut.

let me just say that this is super easy.  it's very fiddly, but all in all a very simple look to execute.  i painted my base color on, two coats of zoya taylor, and then topped it off with my favorite rainbow honey worth the truffle scented top coat.  i used seche vite for a long time, but it has a tendency to shrink on my nails.  rainbow honey's topcoat isn't quite as glossy as seche, but it doesn't shrink on me, it dries as quickly as seche, and it has the added bonus of making my nails smell like candy so, like, I'M THERE.  (you can also get non-candy-smelling ones, if you hate experiencing joy.)

i then went and played world of warcraft for an hour or two until i felt that the polish was really, REALLY dry – my nails were dry enough to carefully play video games, but not dry enough for the next step of this manicure.  it's really important that your nails are completely set, because if there are layers of polish that aren't dry, taping can destroy them and you'll have to start over.

then i used scotch tape to section off triangles, covering the areas that i didn't want to have the gradient on them.  painter's tape would be better for this, because it is much less stiff and seals better.  the scotch tape sticks out from your fingernails and a piece from Finger 1 can easily get stuck to a piece from Finger 2, which can pull up the edges of the tape and cause the gradient to seep underneath, ruining your clean lines.  i had this happen more when i was painting my dominant hand with my non-dominant hand.

after your triangles are taped off, get a dense, wedge-shaped makeup sponge and some wax paper or tinfoil.  paint lines of polish onto the tinfoil in the colors you want your gradient – so, i painted one line of zoya taylor, one line of ncla bel air trophy wife, and one line of rainbow honey oni.  then stamp your wedge sponge into the polish and roll the sponge over your nail, making sure that the gradient is facing the way you want it to.  you may have to sponge more than once for the gradient to be as saturated as you want.  

for this manicure, i found that the oni didn't go on quite as dark as i wanted it to in the first pass, so i got another sponge and dipped it only in oni and patted a little extra onto the tips of my nails.

then just remove your tape and add a layer or two of topcoat!

#sociologymajorsocialjusticesidenote: i originally described this as "ombre nude triangles," but i kind of hate the term "nude" to describe any beige color and i'm trying to cut it out of my vocabulary.  while this is pretty close to my own "mannequin hands" shade/close to my personal nude nails, it's not quite perfect for my pale winter skin, so i suppose it would be more apt to describe it as "coffee with a lot of cream," because it's not really nude...but coffee with a lot of cream ombre triangles is a little too long.

plus there's some intrinsic racism buried in our use of the word itself – while calling zoya taylor "nude" is fine when it's being worn on my pale skin, it would make no sense if i were a POC with darker skin.  while this seems like it's nitpicking, i think it's a symptom of privilege – my skin is considered the default, so much that the color of it is considered "nude" even when that's not applicable to a ton of people.  blerg.  here's an interesting article talking about this more coherently than i ever could.

  • zoya – they had a promotion in january where you could get three free polishes if you paid for the shipping, and i picked this up then.
  • ncla
  • rainbow honey

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  1. Holy SMOKES! These are incredible! I never have any patience with taping but inspiring me to have a little more! The gradient was a smashing idea - I think these looks super sharp. Perfect for a nice day of WoW too. ;)