swallowtail shawl & echo flower shawl

since i've made a couple nail posts, here are the only two knitting projects i have photos of (and an extra photo of my to-block pile, which is ever-growing because i hate-hate-hate blocking)!  these were both blocked many moons ago, so the borders are not as crisp as they were originally, and both the yarns are semi-mysteries due to how long ago i knitted these.

first up, my swallowtail shawl (free pattern here)!

i have no idea what this yarn is.  i know it's an alpaca blend, and i'm pretty sure it's sport weight.  i was yarn-shopping with my mother, saw the yarn, touched it, had to have it, got home, and promptly lost the label.  A+, sara.  A+.

this shawl is also effing huge.  it was the first real knitting project i took on – prior to this triangular behemoth, i had only been brave enough for simple, traditional, rectangular scarves.  i'd only done one project before this that featured yarn overs.  i really loved doing the nupps, so i somehow added two more repeats.  i have no idea how, because the only bit of the pattern that is really meant to be repeated is the lace motif.  i also superduperextra lucked out, because i wound up with something like two yards of yarn left over when i finished the last row of this shawl – enough to weave in securely, but not much else.

i've been getting a ton of wear out of this recently – it's been pretty chilly in north texas recently (we even got some snow the other day!), and this shawl's super huge, soft, and snuggly.

i knitted a ton of hats in between these two shawls, but i don't have pictures of those.  this is my echo flower shawl (free pattern here).  this shawl is teeeeeny-tiny!  i was unnecessarily paranoid about running out of yarn, and i hadn't yet realized that i could simply weigh  my yarn on my kitchen scale to determine whether or not i could do more pattern repeats, so i wound up with an itty-bitty shawl and lots of leftover yarn.  i think this is a wool/silk blend, possibly with some alpaca or cashmere thrown in.

i took these photos indoors at night, and i think the weird lighting is working in tandem with the reddish-brown table to totally destroy the color of the yarn.  in reality, it's a deep, beautiful peacock/teal, not the muddy blue pictured here.

and my mess of a to-block pile, which is only growing in size. :(  send help.

  • mystery gray yarn – the shabby sheep, in-store.
  • mystery blue yarn – posh yarn.  i'm pretty sure it's either sylvia or miranda.  all their colorways are one-offs, though, so even if i could remember the name of the color it'd be super hard to find!

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