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i'm not normally a huge fan of texture polishes.  i almost always wind up topcoating them – i really love the look of textured polish, but i hate the feeling of my nails dragging against my clothes or blankets or whatever my nails happen to brush against.  it's like nails on a chalkboard...except my nails are the chalkboard.  if that makes sense.  (it doesn't.)

however, when i saw NCLA's candy coats, i couldn't resist ordering a few! when they arrived, i noticed that don't sugar coat it! looked like a deepened version of rainbow honey tessie, and wanted to do something simple and cute with them.  (i should probably mention that DSCI! is totally sucking all the pigmentation out of tessie in this photo.  tessie is far less ghostly pale in reality.)

i painted accent nails in DSCI! on my ring and thumbnails, and two coats of tessie everywhere else – that seemed a little boring, though, so i wound up taping some triangles over the top later.

the only tape i had immediately available was some suuuuper old masking tape which seemed to have lost most of its adhesion.  i also had a hard time not overflowing my nails with polish while doing the triangles, despite the fact that i was very carefully wiping the brush off.  you can see that i had some issues with polish leaking under the tape and with the coverage being lumpy around the edges.

i've since buffed away the roughest bits of the edges, because they felt AWFUL.  the texture on the full nail doesn't bother me at all – it's quite smooth for a texture polish, and only a bit rougher than normal matte polish, imo.

after this experiment and knowing how finely textured these polishes are, i might try to do a ruffian with a candy coat polish and a traditional shinier one.  i think that would be less irritating than taping off shapes.  i picked out some semi-matchy-matchy shades from my collection to pair with the other candy coats i picked up (and sorry for all my smudgy bottles, omg):

rainbow honey shrammi + cinnamon girl – shrammi is more red and less pink than this picture is showing, and both polishes have lovely gold touches.  shrammi has gold shimmer, and the candy coat's sparkles lean sort of a golden orange.

p.s., shrammi is available as part of this fab summer set and the entire set of shrammi + tenda (one of my favorite green polishes) + costa del sol is now $14.  i actually ordered a backup.  it's definitely a steal if you live in the states, but probably not worth it internationally unless you really, really, really want the polishes, since shipping prices from fab are so unreasonable if you live outside the US.

i think zoya josie would be a decent match for mint condition – the latter is really not well-named, to be honest.  it's definitely NOT mint, and is more of a spring green.  josie is the only polish i have that comes remotely close to mint condition.  all my other greens are mint or emerald or turquoise.  i think mint condition is a bit more yellow than josie, but still fairly matchy-matchy.

in some mythical future where i want to be more adventurous with color combinations, i think DSCI! would look great with a bright mint or teal – the upcoming rainbow honey sparkling agave (from february mystery box) would look nice with it, as would the mintier NCLA santa monica shore thing, or my favorite shimmery rainbow honey mint flavor.

p.p.s. i bought all this stuff myself because i'm a human disaster who loves nail polish more than food!  nclarainbow honeyrainbow honey shrammizoya

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  1. Man those are going to look so good together! I am usually not a huge fan of textured polishes either but when it's applied like that triangle, I think it's pretty cute! I actually love that FAB Summer Set - I think it went unnoticed. Costa Del Sol is so pretty and one of their best glitter toppers!

    1. in terms of texture, i actually really like the candy coats! i can't really think of something to compare them to in terms of, like, the tactile sensation, but they're definitely a finer texture than OPI's liquid sand or even zoya's pixie dust polishes – less rocky/gritty, if that makes sense, so i haven't been having the issue that i normally have with textured polishes when i'm like "OH GOD WHAT IS THAT" every time my nail rub up against something.

      and yessssss, i love the fab summer set! i guess it didn't get very much promotion? i actually only found it in the first place because i was obsessively searching for a place to buy soul gem, and i could only find it in the LE set on fab at the time. but i suuuuper love the entire set; i've worn a full mani of nothing but tenda more than once, and shrammi and costa del sol are both really beautiful, too. rainbow honeyyyyyyy. ♥♥♥