watercolor nails

i've seen so many beautiful watercolor nails in the time i've spend stalking nail polish blogs & youtubers.  i haven't mastered the art myself, but it's a really simple, easy, and fairly fast way to get super cute nails!

this is three coats of opi my vampire is buff, and the watercolors are all rainbow honey – mint flavor, tessie, & apple kid.

basically, all you do is paint on your basecoat and seal it with topcoat.  then add very small dabs in the colors you want to look like watercolors, and pat some acetone over the top of them so they blur and spread out over the nail.  you do have to work fairly slowly, simply because if you let the dots of polish stay on your nail too long without putting the acetone over the top of them, they will dry too much and not spread as much as you'd like.

you also need to work with a surprisingly large brush!  i did this with a long, thin brush, and i wound up having to use the side of the brush to make the polish pool out, because i couldn't collect enough acetone on the end of the brush to do so.  since this manicure, i've done it again with a larger, fluffier brush, and found it much easier that way.

mvib is my favorite white, and i actually recently bought two backup bottles in case, heaven forbid, opi stops churning it out.  i've worn tessie and mint flavor together before, but i'd never used apple kid – i was worried it would be too bright, because even though tessie and mint flavor are too bright themselves to be considered pastels, apple kid is considerably more saturated...but i think they work pretty well together!

tessie, the purply-blue shade, probably showed up the least, but i don't think it got lost.

(sorry about my cuticles, but they'd just received an acetone bath and i was too excited to take pictures that i didn't think to moisturize them beforehand)  here's a closeup so you can really see the "watercolor" effect!  for some reason, it looks like the polish is raised and bumpy on my ring finger nail (on the left), but it was not at all that way in real life.  i love the way apple kid pooled out.  i think this is something similar to water marbling, where some polishes work better than others.  but it's much easier, and the only supplies you need are polish, acetone, and a fluffy brush!


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  1. Wow I've never tried this before! I've really got to get a move on with doing more creative things with nail art. I love simple easy to do ones too and you got some good results. I still love those Summer of 199X cremes - they go SOOOO well together!