ye olde nails (cellphone photos!)

oh maaan, it's so weird looking back at my manicures from over the past year!  from before i can remember, i bit my nails.  i stopped once in high school and once in my early 20s, but only lasted a few months both times before my anxiety got the best of me and i was gnawing away at them again.  i finally quit by obsessively filing my nails instead of biting them – in other words, i replaced a bad habit with a good one.  i had nail files all over my house so if i ever got a hangnail i could immediately fix it and not be tempted tip bite them.  i've now had non-bitten/torn/shredded nails for over a year, and i'm pretty proud!

— butter london artful dodger + opi the living daylights
i'm pretty sure i painted OVER my cuticles.  yikers.

— butter london union jack black + fanchromatic nails fistful of latinum
it's so weird how much i used to love butter london, because i hate their brush now.  it's way too small!  last time i used UJB i was so pissed off at the brush that i wanted to throw the polish away entirely.  (fistful of latinum is amazeballs, though.)  i guess this is the point in my nail-painting history where i'd realized that painting over one's cuticles was Not Great™, but i hadn't yet begun to clean up after finishing my manicures.

— butter london blagger + kbshimmer bejeweled
AGAIN with the butter london.  come on, past sara.  get your shit together.  also, my nails are waaaaay too long here for present-day me, and you can see how weirdly-shaped my index nail gets when it grows out and i don't file it into oblivion.  without a doubt, i'm way better at shaping my nails now, but could still improve.  and this was when i was still obsessed with having square nails, which just doesn't work for me, sadly – the edges of my nails always grow out razor-thin, and they break and chip when they're squared off like this.

i think i was so dead-set on having square nails because the one time i got a professional manicure, the woman in the salon asked me, "you want square nails or round?"  i was like, "uh, round, i guess?"  to which she replied, "NO.  SQUARE."

it was terrifying.

— butter london sprog + scallywag
so much butter london.  SO MUCH.  this was like my first real manicure, though!  damn, january 2013 sara!  good on you!  i still had not learned to clean up around my nails, but i did a decent enough job polishing this time that you can't reeeeally tell.  i guess.

— julep robin + copper leaf
i was obviously getting more ambitious with my nails.  i remember being disappointed that robin wasn't actually robin's egg blue, and also that the polish was kind of gloopy, which meant that my unskilled hands painted on the coats way too thick, which resulted in a shitload of air bubbles.  and agaaaaaaain with the not pushing cuticles back.  sigh.

— opi eurso euro + get your number
awwww, yeah, getting better at painting my nails.  and the first time i ever had an accent nail!  [wipes away single tear]

— nail polish central make limeade
i was blooown away by this thermal polish.  i wore it for something like two weeks.

— chanel orange fizz + mac sweet pop on accent nail + bp beach bonfire
the bp polish was like $5 and it totally shows.  those glitters are soooo foldy and misshapen and ugly!  this was also me trying out longer round nails.  i stuck with them for a while.  (and i'm not crazy about the chanel brush, and i later found out that orange fizz has a super-cheap dupe.  ugh, my life.)

— rainbow honey tessie + lumine hall
the beginning of my love affair with rainbow honey, and also the first time i sponged nail polish.  i've never done a true gradient, but i really love this messy sponged look for some reason.  also, lumine hall is beautiful.  like, the beautiful-est.

— zoya reva + opi oy - another polish joke
my hella clumsy attempt at a half-moon mani.  these look like wonder woman nails to me, though.  i still don't understand how people do half-moon manicures with hole reinforcement stickers, though.  their nails must be considerably smaller than mine.  [radiates envy]

— lvx mynt + julep alice + rainbow honey i miss you
these.  nails.  were.  terrible.  alice was a disaster.  i don't know if i got a bad bottle, but it was like trying to paint my nails with elmer's glue.

— nail polish central michelle + rainbow honey magic cake
more npc thermal polish!  i love it!  i love it i love it i love it!  and magic cake is one of my all-time favorite rainbow honey glitters.  SQUARE GLITTER.  tell people in lieu of flowers, they can pour square glitter into my open coffin.  also, the glitter in magic cake has a really interesting translucent quality, almost like tissue paper!  so cool.

— butter london union jack black + rainbow honey deep field and + star stuff
um, let's be honest: nobody has time to do a real galaxy nail, so this is the poor man's version of one.  this was the last time i've used union jack black.  you can see how wavery/weird the edges are on my thumb, ugh!  and i mattified this with butter london's matte finish topcoat.

— zoya zuza + rainbow honey the kraken!  (featuring posh yarn's catherine base in where you are).
another lazily-sponged semi-gradient.  green is the best color.


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