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(this  polish isn't boring.  i'm boring.)  before slapping this (cirque epoch) on my nails because i couldn't resist the bottle anymore, i wore rainbow honey trifolium for like a week.  i didn't think to look at the photos i took of it on my Real Camera™ before removing it because i'm a big dummy, and afterwards i realized that they are all blurry.  omg.  this cellphone picture i posted on instagram is the least blurry one i took.  horrifying.

(sidenote: trifolium is SO bright.  i think it probably has neon pigment because it dries really satin and is super vibrant and blinding outside, to the point where my camera was like "dear god, what is happening?"  seriously, in all the pictures i took, my fingertips were perfectly in focus and my nails were just a series of small green blurs.  it's a beautiful color, but a bit beyond my photography skills)

when i say i couldn't resist the bottle for this polish anymore, I MEAN IT.  i have a mini stash of untrieds on top of my dresser right next to my bedroom door, so every time i walked past it i would pick it up and look at how the colors shift in the light.  it's really incredible.

indoors it looks mostly teal – we had a huge party on sunday with like 30+ people in the house, and they all kept complimenting me on my teal polish.  i'm literally an insane person, so i just kept being like, "okay, but come outside and look at it here.  LOOK AT THE COLOR-SHIFT. [crazy eyes]"

also,  at the time i took these pictures, epoch had been on my nails for almost a week, so it has pretty great wear time!  i type alllll daaaaaay for my job (and my main video game hobby also involves angrily keysmashing), so getting through nearly a week without any chips is pretty astronomically rare.  they tend to be more on my thumbs than other nails, for some reason, but my thumbs are also still looking great!  i'm more self-conscious about my current cuticle gap than i am about any tipwear/chipping.

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oh maaaan, my nails have been pretty boring since my last post!  still keeping with the green theme, but nothing too exciting.

i did a subtle (REALLY SUBTLE [ALMOST NONEXISTENT]) gradient with zoya hudson/zuza/charla.

i got super frustrated with this because not only did bits of the sponge i use break off and get stuck to BOTH my thumbs, but i dented my left middle finger (you can still kind of see the indentation in this picture) AND my right index finger and i immediately messed up both my thumbs right after painting them.

(re: the messed up thumbs: i was wearing some yoga pants that always fall off my ass because, for some reason, victoria's secret thought it was a great idea to put really heavy zippers on the back pockets of yoga pants made of the thinnest fabric ever crafted by the hands of man.  i was like, "hmm, my thumbs are probably dry enough to pull up my pants..." and i could not have been more wrong.)  oh my god.  what a nightmare.  i'm still angry about it.  i swear i'm going to burn those pants.

 this is also a "boring" manicure, in that it's essentially just a swatch, but holy crap, cirque lichen is the most beautiful.  i started off yesterday trying to do one of those lazy man's water marbles, where you drop polish in the water and spritz it with hairspray rather than toothpick-drawing intricate patterns into the polish, but it...did not work.

i think i need a different kind of hairspray or something; it hit the polish and did nothing.  i tried to do sort of a messy water marble, just because i'd gone to the trouble of getting all the supplies i'd need anyway, but, uh.  water marbling is rough.  0/10, would not recommend.

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(more like st. patrick's month)

i am superduper grossly into st. patrick's day. my dad's side of the family is irish, to the point where he grew up with an irish name and an american one. i'm pretty sure it was his grandfather or great-grandfather who actually immigrated to the states, so ireland is fairly far back in my history (although my grandfather spoke with a slight irish lilt).

my actual ancestry is kind of a mishmash – and thanks to the magic of genetic testing, i am now aware that my particular brand of mishmash could be described as 100% bland:

"hello, yes, we've analyzed your DNA and come to the conclusion that you're hella white."

but despite the fact that my genealogical profile is basically "LOL EUROPE" i do identify with my irish ancestry most.  i guess growing up hearing stories of crazy irish relatives and tales of county cork will do that to a person.

the point of this is that i'm SUPER, RIDICULOUSLY, UNHEALTHILY INTO SAINT PATRICK'S DAY.  meat and potatoes and green and beer and so many other great things!  seriously, don't even talk to me about corned beef hash!  don't talk to me about the multitude of delicious hot dishes that will result from st. paddy's day feasting!  so march is going to be my green nails month, and i already started. (✪◡✪)

st. paddy's day skittles!  from pinky to thumb, i'm wearing picture polish tiffany and honeydew, ncla santa monica shore thing, lacc 1977, and butter london slapper.  it's all topped off with rainbow honey yoshimi! ♥

i have a handful of picture polish shades but i'd never used them before, and they were both magnificent.  they were a little streaky, but topcoat sorted it out immediately.  the only polish i was a little vexed by was 1977, which was surprisingly sheer.  i wound up having to use three coats.

yoshimi has really pretty turquoise-y glitter in it that really pops against slapper and the two picture polish shades, but kind of melts away into SMST and 1977.  and howwww did i wind up with no black square glitter on my thumb?!  (i wish my camera could pick up how pretty slapper is, but for some reason it really muddied it out in every photo i took.  i need to just bite the bullet and make a lightbox so i don't have to rely on unpredictable natural light, but i'm sooooooo lazyyyyyyyyy.  i'm the worst.)

in this picture, you can see the creepy mannequin hands my mom buried in her backyard.  it's like a zombie garden.  so weird.

i don't know how long i'm going to keep this on – i went to show my dad, and he was really excited about green nails, but then he just said, "they look blue."  #FAILURE.  i guess i'll go with a less minty palette next week!

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