#boring #pardonmycuticles

(this  polish isn't boring.  i'm boring.)  before slapping this (cirque epoch) on my nails because i couldn't resist the bottle anymore, i wore rainbow honey trifolium for like a week.  i didn't think to look at the photos i took of it on my Real Camera™ before removing it because i'm a big dummy, and afterwards i realized that they are all blurry.  omg.  this cellphone picture i posted on instagram is the least blurry one i took.  horrifying.

(sidenote: trifolium is SO bright.  i think it probably has neon pigment because it dries really satin and is super vibrant and blinding outside, to the point where my camera was like "dear god, what is happening?"  seriously, in all the pictures i took, my fingertips were perfectly in focus and my nails were just a series of small green blurs.  it's a beautiful color, but a bit beyond my photography skills)

when i say i couldn't resist the bottle for this polish anymore, I MEAN IT.  i have a mini stash of untrieds on top of my dresser right next to my bedroom door, so every time i walked past it i would pick it up and look at how the colors shift in the light.  it's really incredible.

indoors it looks mostly teal – we had a huge party on sunday with like 30+ people in the house, and they all kept complimenting me on my teal polish.  i'm literally an insane person, so i just kept being like, "okay, but come outside and look at it here.  LOOK AT THE COLOR-SHIFT. [crazy eyes]"

also,  at the time i took these pictures, epoch had been on my nails for almost a week, so it has pretty great wear time!  i type alllll daaaaaay for my job (and my main video game hobby also involves angrily keysmashing), so getting through nearly a week without any chips is pretty astronomically rare.  they tend to be more on my thumbs than other nails, for some reason, but my thumbs are also still looking great!  i'm more self-conscious about my current cuticle gap than i am about any tipwear/chipping.

purchased at: cirque, rainbow honey

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  1. I love me some Cirque polishes even though I don't have any yet. Rainbow Honey is starting to become a high maintenance habit, haha. REMEMBER THE DAYS OF THE ONE LE POLISH A MONTH?! NOW THERE IS 4. OMG. Anyway! I love all your posts, they sound like my life. (Does that make me weird? I swear I just like things that make me feel like I can relate because I am also #boring #pardonmycuticles)

    1. yes, rainbow honey is KILLING ME. i escaped the midnight garden collection with only tayabak/sparkling agave (green is my kryptonite, if kryptonite were something that superman felt, like, REALLY compelled to drop all his money on and not something that he was basically deathly allergic to. i don't know where i'm going with this). and now there is perfume, and i keep buying scented topcoats and cuticle sticks because i'm a human disaster with no self-control.

      and cirque is ALSO about to kill me because they're launching a bunch of really pretty holo polishes on the 10th and i want to buy almost all of them. and the worst is that i am still wearing cirque epoch right now because i haven't even had time to paint my nails for almost TWO WEEKS. my cuticle gap is like an effing chasm right now and i would just remove the polish entirely except that my nails are, like, permanently stained. life's rough.

      and your water marble is making me want to at least retry my failed water-spotted manicure and instead i am drowning in work! [dramatically shakes fist at sky]

      (SORRY FOR THIS NOVEL, OMG; i am a sleep-deprived mess. if you are weird, i am weird right there with you.)