oh maaaan, my nails have been pretty boring since my last post!  still keeping with the green theme, but nothing too exciting.

i did a subtle (REALLY SUBTLE [ALMOST NONEXISTENT]) gradient with zoya hudson/zuza/charla.

i got super frustrated with this because not only did bits of the sponge i use break off and get stuck to BOTH my thumbs, but i dented my left middle finger (you can still kind of see the indentation in this picture) AND my right index finger and i immediately messed up both my thumbs right after painting them.

(re: the messed up thumbs: i was wearing some yoga pants that always fall off my ass because, for some reason, victoria's secret thought it was a great idea to put really heavy zippers on the back pockets of yoga pants made of the thinnest fabric ever crafted by the hands of man.  i was like, "hmm, my thumbs are probably dry enough to pull up my pants..." and i could not have been more wrong.)  oh my god.  what a nightmare.  i'm still angry about it.  i swear i'm going to burn those pants.

 this is also a "boring" manicure, in that it's essentially just a swatch, but holy crap, cirque lichen is the most beautiful.  i started off yesterday trying to do one of those lazy man's water marbles, where you drop polish in the water and spritz it with hairspray rather than toothpick-drawing intricate patterns into the polish, but it...did not work.

i think i need a different kind of hairspray or something; it hit the polish and did nothing.  i tried to do sort of a messy water marble, just because i'd gone to the trouble of getting all the supplies i'd need anyway, but, uh.  water marbling is rough.  0/10, would not recommend.

but lichen!  it glows.  (✪◡✪) 

it looks mostly like this in dimmer light (especially indoors) – kind of a blackened olive with flecks that shift from amber to forest green.

but sometimes the light hits it and it flashes bright emerald.  i swear it's one of those can't stop staring at your nails polishes.  it's also great for the fair-skinned, especially those of us who are cursed with ruddy skin that turns lobstery under chalky pastels.  my mom's a fair-skinned, freckly redhead, and i've been trying to convince her to let me put it on her, but she's self-conscious about her nails because she feels like they're not pretty.  BLASPHEMY.  i will sway her!

here's a bonus picture of my cat 1) looking mega cute and 2) being really startled by birds.  he's a pacifist and he is not the brightest.

purchased: cirque zoya

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  1. HOLY CRAP! Litchen is GORGEOUS! I knew Cirque had some amazing colours but that one is just stunning. So into it.