let's talk about customer service, babyyyyy.

let's talk about you and me.  let's talk about how sometimes i'm trying to think about what to title posts and my brain spirals into nothing but salt-n-pepa lyrics.  oh lord.  how do people title posts?  c'est un mystère.  and sorry for the immediate topic change, but i swear customer service will be relevant in this post.  I SWEAR.

first, let's talk about how i wore cirque epoch for like three weeks.  this is a WIP of my primula florindae  that i took a while ago.  i swear, this polish wears like armor.  when i finally took it off the other day, i just had ONE TINY CHIP on my right middle finger.  that's it.  the only thing on my fingertips was epoch itself and a coat of one of rainbow honey's scented topcoats (the bubbly, probably, because it's my fave).  tl;dr: i highly recommend cirque polishes.  i can't say enough good stuff about them.

aaaand this is what's on my nails now.  it's 2-3 coats of NCLA downtown dollface, and the darker color is enchanted polish's april 2014 shade.  i also topped it with rica glossy glam, which shrank A LOT on me.  like, a lot a lot.  you can see in this photo where the enchanted polish pulled away from the NCLA at the base and tips of my nails, and this is after i filed away the exposed nail that both polishes shrank away from.

i normally just use rainbow honey's topcoat, but it's not very glossy, so i'm still in search of my HG glossy topcoat!  i'd say that glossy glam is better than seche, imo, though – it's got a very thin consistency in the bottle but is very shiny on the nail, and successfully melted away the bumps created by the chevron nail vinyls i used.  i'll probably try it next time i use a hungry glitter polish.  anyway, this manicure definitely looks better from farther away (evidence under the cut)!

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