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i haven't posted anything in FOREVER because i have been super busy. :(  i just painted my nails for the first in a month, and my last few manicures have been incredibly slapdash and not worth talking about.

the tl;dr version is: my cat got sick (and is still sick, and i am still stressing about the little jerk because he's like 900 years old in cat years — basically a feline time lord), i've been working a lot, and i've spent most of my free time either sleeping or knitting or cleaning.  did i mention i spent 10+ hours this week cleaning off all my shelves and basically purging my living space of all the worldly possessions i've accrued in the last decade?  (nail polish not included.)

anyway, i finally had some free time yesterday, and i was able to try out a nail polish i've been trying to get my hands on since BEFORE 2014 (!!!) and some studs i picked up from a canada-based nail art shop called the nail room.

LOOK HOW TINY THESE STUDS ARE.  IT IS UNREAL.  i got some circular ones that are even smaller than this.  my god, we truly live in an age of wonders.

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