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i haven't posted anything in FOREVER because i have been super busy. :(  i just painted my nails for the first in a month, and my last few manicures have been incredibly slapdash and not worth talking about.

the tl;dr version is: my cat got sick (and is still sick, and i am still stressing about the little jerk because he's like 900 years old in cat years — basically a feline time lord), i've been working a lot, and i've spent most of my free time either sleeping or knitting or cleaning.  did i mention i spent 10+ hours this week cleaning off all my shelves and basically purging my living space of all the worldly possessions i've accrued in the last decade?  (nail polish not included.)

anyway, i finally had some free time yesterday, and i was able to try out a nail polish i've been trying to get my hands on since BEFORE 2014 (!!!) and some studs i picked up from a canada-based nail art shop called the nail room.

LOOK HOW TINY THESE STUDS ARE.  IT IS UNREAL.  i got some circular ones that are even smaller than this.  my god, we truly live in an age of wonders.

the main turquoise polish here is kure bazaar's caicos, and it is definitely on my favorites list.  it was totally, absolutely, 100% worth waiting since before the new year to try out.  it's a company that apparently is french (or russian?  i'm honestly not sure), and for the life of me i could not find anywhere in north america selling this polish.  i found some website in france or germany that shipped to the US, but it was something crazy like an additional 30 euro (30 EURO) charge, and i just couldn't justify that for what i already view as a rather expensive polish.

i wound up finally nabbing it from the detox market, but it appears to be out of stock again.  (i also may have picked up lychee and or rose, because i'm a financial disaster and when i want something i'm pretty much always like #YOLO [followed by manic laughter].)

anyway, this polish is gorgeous.  it's bright enough that it doesn't give me lobster hands (forever bitter that i can't wear pastels), but not overwhelmingly bright.  it has a beautiful, understated shimmer in the bottle that doesn't quite show up on the nail, but still adds that something.  looking at it now, i think it's kind of like the slightly quieter cousin of rainbow honey tayabak, but they're definitely unique enough to justify having both.  i think application would have been a breeze if i hadn't been painting my nails underneath my fan (it's like 100° here), but it was still pretty good.  i just had an issue where the first layer was a little too tacky, so my second coat tugged a bit and i had to do a few touch-ups.  it self-leveled like a dream, though!

the topper i used is cirque AU, a gold leaf topcoat!  it's been sitting unused since i got it, and there's no sign of deterioration or the gold leaf color leaching into the glitter base, so that's awesome.  the version i have apparently has smaller flakes than the original AU batch.  this is basically a generous coat of AU on each nail, although i think my index finger could have used an additional pass.

some of the gold leaf sank, and i didn't properly roll the bottle around to re-disperse it — when i did my right hand, i made sure to turn the bottle upside-down for a few seconds before applying it to each nail, which gave me a more even coat each time, much more like the pinky nail shown here!

i'm seriously obsessed with these studs.  they are SO TINY.  everybody like tiny stuff, right?  it's not just me?  when i was a kid, i had a weird little windowed shelf full of tiny figurines and knickknacks, and i called it my "little things."  i think they're now all in storage somewhere, so now i'm forced to direct my obsession with diminutive stuff onto these nail art studs.

i put a little dot of topcoat where i wanted them affixed, stuck them on, and then put a layer of topcoat over them, and i think they look pretty good!  it's only day two, but we'll see how long they stay stuck.  this is the first time i've ever used nail studs, so this is a very exciting experience for me.  JUST LET ME HAVE THIS.

during my cleaning/reorganization spree, i FINALLY put all my nail polish into my helmer!  it's about three and a half drawers, and all my ~nail art supplies~ are in a tub on top, including my base and top coats and nail polish remover — the stuff i use every time.  also pictured: my old computer tower, which is making its exit in a few days (it's gonna be tough to not take it out into a field and pull an office space on it), and a box full of ultimate spider-man comics recently gifted to me by a friend.  AW YEAH.

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  1. Aw, I've missed you and talk about hiatuses - I took a really long one and still can't manage to get back on track.

    I hope your cat is OK! I hope you're OK too! <3333

    That Cirque is killing me over top that turquoise and thanks for telling about this new Canadian based shop for studs - sometimes waiting for the ones in China take EONS and I am like "wait what did I have in mind for this?"

    1. yeah, i've been saying "i'm going to paint my nails tomorrow" every day for like...three weeks. and it just doesn't happen.

      and oh my GODDDD, the nail room is amazing! i got seven different kinds of studs (25 to 30 pieces of each) for $20.50 USD. w h a t. and they offer so many different kinds of itty-bitty ones, so if i ever want to i'll be able to shove a bunch of them on even my fairly short nails. it's really hard for me to not go throw more money at the site even though my cup runneth over with nail studs now. if you get anything i'd be super excited to see what you do with them!