hello!  my name is sara.  i'm 27 years old, i live in texas, i have a bachelor's in sociology and no idea what to do with it, i swear like a sailor, and i really, really love nail polish and knitting.  i've posted photos of my polish/knitting endeavors on tumblr for a while, but i have a lot of feelings about lacquer and yarn that i want to shout into the void of the internet, so i guess that's the purpose of this blog.

both hobbies originally started as forms of self-care – i have generalized anxiety disorder, and knitting and nail-painting help me calm down when i'm feeling stressed.  i'm awful at even simple math, so counting stitches takes my mind off of intrusive, circular, destructive thoughts, and painting my nails does basically the same –there's a lot to concentrate on when you're painting your nails, so it gives me an hour during the day where i'm not agonizing over my every thought and decision.

the best part about both knitting and giving yourself a manicure is that you wind up with something beautiful after you're done.  with knitting, you end up having a comforting object that is beautiful and keeps you warm, and a manicure is basically makeup that you get to wear for a week without any maintenance, so every time you look down at your hands you feel pretty.

some other facts about me: my current job is transcription, i play a lot of video games (primarily world of warcraft, and you can check out my WoW tumblr if you're into that), and i probably drink way more coffee than is healthy.

in every post i'll say where and how i acquired each polish/yarn used; unless i mention otherwise, i purchase everything myself.

thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at slumberines@gmail.com ! ♥


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